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3 Ways to Create More Space Without Adding Square Footage

May 8


In the case of your home space is a precious resource. Maybe you're looking to add a bedroom or a home office. Perhaps you've just retired and now that you have more time, you'd like a space to play with family and friends. Space requirements are different, but whatever your situation, you have choices to create it. While a home addition may provide more space, it can also be costly. If you're looking for a different method to increase the space without adding square footage to your home, look into our three ideas below. You'll be amazed at the unutilized space that exists within your walls. Remodeling contractors in Phoenix are required.

Finish your basement or attic

The finishing of areas such as a basement, attic, and even garage could be an excellent alternative to adding an addition. The foundation and roof are the two most expensive components of any expansion to your house. Both are installed already in the areas where you live. If you have a spacious basement that is not finished and has enough space to move around in comfort the space can be transformed to a brand new floor of living space. Once the space is finished, there are many possibilities for using it as a living area. A family-friendly entertainment space or a playroom for grandchildren or kids, or a downstairs gym are just some ideas to begin with.


There is a way to see upwards to your attic if you do not have an attic. It may not look like something right now however if it's equipped with access to a staircase, you might have found the ideal solution for that home office or extra bedroom you've always wanted to add to your house. These rooms could add lots of square feet to your home since they have all the necessary walls, floors, roof, and flooring. While finishing a room isn't as complex as building an addition to your home for security reasons, in order to make sure that these structures are done correctly, you'll want to consult with a reliable home remodeling contractors in Phoenix Arizona.


Remove walls from the inside

Consider the layout of your home if you don't have enough room in your basement or attic, or if you want to increase the size of one of your floors, think about the layout. Are there walls in your interior that you can live without? Removing a wall can be a great way of opening up a space and creating more space. This is especially useful if you'd like to expand your kitchen space, you have two smaller rooms would like to convert into a larger area, or you want to make an open-plan floor to make your living spaces feel larger.


In the case of walls there are two types that are load bearing and non-load bearing walls. While it is possible to remove both types but it is easier to take out interior walls that aren't load-bearing which are walls that aren't supporting construction of your home. You should consult trusted Arizona home remodelers to determine which walls to remove according to the design of your home.

Convert under-utilized space

Take a look at the space you are using. Are you making use of it effectively? There are likely to be spaces in your home which aren't being utilized effectively. You can also consider adding storage to smaller spaces on the stairs to the second level of your house or using the closet you don't often use to create your own home office, complete with a desk with built-in shelves.

This technique of repurposing can be applied to larger areas too. You might have a guest room that is seldom used. It could be transformed into your home gym or playroom and vice versa in the event that you've got many guests, or your kids are getting older. It's also possible to turn your entire room into a multipurpose living area, with an entertainment center on one end and a dining area at the other. You can make a variety of house renovations inside the walls you've got. You need to hire professionals to complete Phoenix Home Remodeling.


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