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Dec 7

We provide fast, affordable, & reliable commercial painting service in Dublin. We have been known for quality customer service for several years. Best prices within your neighborhood.We provide fast, affordable, & reliable commercial painting service in Dublin. We have been known for quality customer service for several years. Best prices within your neighborhood.

Don’t Take Commercial Painting Lightly

Renovating commercial buildings is tough. There’s so much work to do and you only have days to complete the project. Most of the commercial buildings in Dublin have a lot of surfaces that need to be painted during the upgrade. If the job is dull, the working environment in the office will be boring. Plus, employees will be unhappy to see such a dull building. So, what is the solution?

Painting In Colour is the most reliable painters in Dublin for commercial painting services. We undertake small to large commercial painting jobs all around Dublin. Our services are top-notch and our team is highly skilled professionals. We don’t rush the job. Instead, we take our time preparing and get the best output to give new life to your commercial buildings.

Your job is our responsibility. That’s why we finish the job swiftly without raising any tension on your forehead. We are known as the most reliable, trustworthy, & expert painters in Dublin.

Why Us?

Painting In Colour has been in the commercial painting business since several years. We have taken various commercial painting projects and finished them all within the estimated schedule. We are successful in satisfying our customers while maintaining a low budget compared to the rest of the market.

Painting In Colour has been undertaking commercial painting services with the utmost care. We don’t roughly finish the job. Painting needs to be as detailed as possible so we take enough time to go through every nook & cranny.

Our expertise advises us to be humble and earn the trust of our customers. Our team can make the best impression of your commercial building with the best kind of colors. Quality is our motto.

Top-grade Paint Materials

Painting a commercial building is always a difficult task. The paintable surface area is huge, the building is vertically long, and there are other fixes on the walls. In this type of case, normal paints won’t do any good. They would peel off quickly, fade away in days, and won’t have a smooth finish.

But, no worries. Painting In Colour chooses the best paint materials for commercial painting jobs. We buy our colors from Fleetwood and Johnstone’s paints. They are the top local, also import paints from the USA. These paints are expensive, have a great combination with other mixed materials, and are non-toxic.

Also, we use advanced tools & equipment for the painting process. We have snorkel lifts, alloy ladders, extension poles, and everything that is required to finish the job.

Your commercial building will look gorgeous with fine paints. Our painters are the best in Dublin. With their capable hands, the buildings will look like art and dazzle with beauty. We spare nothing when it comes to the quality of materials.

Expert Painters Dublin

Painting In Colour has been around the vicinity of Dublin for several years. All our painters are highly qualified locals and have been through proper training. They can handle all kinds of painting jobs including commercial painting.

We know that big jobs are kind of slow in the result and it takes a long time to finish. Normal painters usually laze around these commercial painting projects that involve more workforce. Painters in Painting In Colour have gone through hardship and can work under heavy loads.

That’s why we take a minimum break time between work and only stop when to hit the gas. We are experts & capable.

Smooth Finishing

Painting In Colour guarantees smooth job finishing as for the commercial painting services. We will clear the surface properly, do enough sanding, apply primer, and then will start the initial painting process. All this to ensure a clean, fresh, & polished finish. Nothing compares to the glossy-looking surface after we are done with the job.

Our commercial painting services in Dublin cover:

  • Retail units
  • Schools
  • Sport facilities
  • Public buildings
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Property agents
  • Landlord houses
  • Hotels
  • Restaurant
  • Condo
  • Apartment building
  • Government building

Our services cover all kinds of commercial projects including the list above. We can undertake your project and will move our assets to finish it properly.

The Best Affordable Prices 

Painting In Colour is the most affordable painters in Dublin. Our commercial painting service comes with a cost-effective work strategy that will be suitable for your budget. We go easy on your pocket as our company’s policy is to build trust, not money. We have no hidden charges. Our expert consultor will discuss the total cost of the job and we won’t take a penny more. Trust is what we covet.


We guarantee a smooth job with all kinds of required preparations. Even if your property is damaged, broken walls, cracks, & loose plasters, we got it covered. We have expert electricians, plumbers, carpenters, plasterers, and others. If required, our team will move in to solve any kind of issues to get the job done.


We are happy to please our customers with the most outstanding job done by our team. Looking at the perfectly aligned building designs, you can’t help but appreciate our efforts. We preserve the desired result with our expert painters in Dublin so that you can enjoy a worthy, refreshing, & charming commercial building color combination.

We finish what we start within the estimated time and you will have no chance to complain about any delays. Our team moves systematically to execute proper work strategy efficiently. We always finish it before the deadline.

Clean & Perfect Job

Our job policy offers a perfectly clean job finish with every contract. We like to exercise proper cleanup after we are done. We will be moving our trailers, paint buckets, shoes, suits, gloves, brushes, plastic wraps, etc. in an orderly manner. There will be no trace of our intervention in your building when we finish.

Painting In Colour is known for the swift job finish in Dublin. We clean our mess properly and you won’t be bothered by any left garbage. Smooth job till the end.

Safety Measures

Commercial painting job in Dublin requires some difficult tasks including climbing up the building walls, hanging through ropes during painting, lifting heavy materials for the job, etc.

Painting In Colour takes safety measures seriously. We don’t take sloppy preparation which may result in harm to our team or our client. Although our painters in Dublin are skilled, highly trained, and know the safety drill, we don’t take chances. We have:

  • Proper safety equipment for the team
  • Compensations for unexpected situations
  • OSHA Complaint
  • Trained supervisors for maximum safety assurance
  • Properly stored materials to protect nature
  • Strong A-grade Nylon ropes
  • Snorkel lifts
  • Emergency aid boxes

We assure the maximum safety of our kins. It’s our pride to uphold the perfect job record through our several years of service. We have executed full safety protocols and avoided any unexpected accidents through our services. The value of life can’t be compensated.

Client’s Preparations

Painting In Colour is a team of experts and aesthetics who come fully prepared during the commercial painting job. We got everything ready so the clients don’t have to worry about anything at all. Just a little preparation is needed for a perfect job finish-

We may bring a trailer containing all our tools and stuff. You need to leave space in the parking lot or in front of your building for us to place our tools.
Prepare to vacant the building interior space if necessary. Normally, you don’t have to leave because we can work around you without hindering your business.
Let our workers access the roof door as we may have to lay down ropes from the roof. However, if the building is flat, we won’t be needing roof access. The snorkel lift will be enough to reach the required heights.
That’s all you need to prepare. The rest is on us.

How We Start

As part of the prep, Painting In Colour painters will be doing initial works around your building before starting the commercial painting work. The building will be colored properly and will have a shiny surface at the end.

Before we start painting, we will:

  • Clean the whole surface with pressured water pipes
  • Sand the surfaces with dustless vacuum sanding machines
  • We will fix the cracks, holes, broken parts of the walls and move any unnecessary objects from the scene
  • We coat each surface with enough primers two times before applying the initial paint layer
  • Brush off the surface of woods, metals, plastic to apply corresponding paints to them

After the preparations are done, we will get to business. Our expert painters in Dublin won’t leave a single drop of paint outside the paint surface. No extra burden.


Although we guarantee maximum safety during our commercial painting job, some precautions may prevent any odd events from occurring. Hence, please follow by the rules:

  • Commercial painting jobs happen on a large scale, so we prepare a good amount of tools including heavy equipment. Please keep away from the toolshed to not get hurt by sudden accidents.
  • Don’t stand near the snorkel lift or under the painter who’s hanging in the walls for painting. Such things may harm you by bruising or spilling paints on your clothes. Our expert painters in Dublin can’t stop accidents.
  • Keep pets away from the work area for better safety.
  • Don’t touch the paint surface right after we finish painting.
  • If you see any rope knots on the rooftop of the commercial building we are working on, PLEASE DON’T TOUCH IT. We may have our workers hanging in the walls for the painting process and the ropes are the only thing holding them.
  • Commercial painting jobs are tough as the area is too big. That’s a reason why we can’t put eyes on every corner of the building. In such cases, precautions provide the best safety. Always remember, if you see any uncertain events, please report to our supervisors so that we can take action quickly.

Call Us to Get Your 100% Free Quote

We are ready to sit down with our clients and discuss their projects. We listen to your proposals, suggest possible alternatives, and carry out the perfect plan to establish your dream project. Our appointments are always open for you. Contact us through email or call us to get your free quote. 

Our consultations are free of cost. We aim to fulfill your needs to the best of our capabilities. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. We guarantee the safe execution of your project and always try to provide you with the best services.

Looking To Hire Experts in Painting?

You are at the right place! We offer all kinds of painting services in Dublin and we respond to every call in the shortest time. Our expertise led us to where we stand now. Painting In Colour believes in aesthetics. Our painters work with their trained hands to create delicate designs on your properties and make them look beautiful. We guarantee that our team is the best painters in Dublin. We own a clean work record with ZERO slipup. Painting In Colour has been satisfying its customers with the top-quality customer service you could ever have. We are here to listen to you. You can contact us by the given number. Also, we are free to chat with you on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you want the perfect job with the perfect finish, HIRE US. We are the best.

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